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Forbes: Voice is “Sizzling New Opportunity” in Advertising

Earlier this month, XAPPmedia participated in a session at Advertising Week titled “How Media and Brands are Using Voice AI to Connect with Consumers” alongside representatives from Cumulus One, 360i and Spark Foundry. Forbes contributor, Lauren deLisa Coleman, covered the session, noting that the consumer adoption of voice assistants and smart speakers, creates a “situation where the stakes become quite interesting for the right brand to problem-solve for appropriate consumer questions and dilemmas, provide value and begin a relationship in a more intimate way than anything that television or mobile currently offers.”

Coleman also noted that while voice search allows brands to more intimately connect to consumers, it is also more difficult than web search to establish a brand presence. Because as XAPPmedia’s Pat Higbie points out, when it comes to voice search, if you’re not first, you’re last.

“The main difference with voice search is that Web offers a page full of choices. With voice, you get only one.  The stakes are high. If you’re number one or number two, there is the opportunity to connect in a major way. Any position after that, you are invisible.”

But Coleman cited the several examples given by the panel to demonstrate how brands can overcome these obstacles. One way is to supplement traditional coverage with voice apps as Cumulus Media did for the Winter Olympics and March Madness. Another is to provide a rich experience that has value for the listener, like 360i’s mediation app for the National Geographic Bravo Tango Google Assistant action.

To read the full article, click here or the image below.

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