Conversational AI Fluency Review

All digital interfaces will soon be conversational. Why? Because customers crave convenience and they want to be understood. Conversational AI interfaces give them the ability to simply “ask and get” what they want.

Amazon and Google know this. They know voice offers unparalleled convenience and that Conversational AI gives them the ability to understand customers and continually learn from them. And, they’re creating high expectations with Alexa and Google Assistant that brands must match in order to compete effectively in the Age of Voice

What can brands do about it? They can become conversationally fluent with voice and chat experiences that make it easy to connect with, serve, and delight consumers across all channels 24×7. XAPPmedia has developed the Conversational AI Fluency Review to help organizations better understand their status today and the gaps to be filled to meet a fluency baseline. This was built on our experience launching more than 1,200 voice apps for enterprises and extending those capabilities into other channels and products. You can learn more about scheduling a Fluency Review for your brand or organization by filling out the form to the right.