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Experience XAPP on Your Phone Today

xapp-ads-app-iphone6You may have watched a live video capture of someone interacting with a XAPP Ad or Content Promo on XAPPmedia’s website gallery. Like Fast Company writer Tyler Hayes, you may have experienced a XAPP Ad from an advertiser first hand while listening to the NPR One app. Today, everyone can experience a wide variety of sample XAPP Ads from their own iOS smartphone.

XAPP Ads Demo App Hits the App Store

Many people have asked us whether they could get a demo app to better understand the user experience and show colleagues what the XAPP Ad format enables. Previously, we only made this available to integration partners, but now anyone can download the XAPP Ad demo app for their iPhone through the button below.


The app provides XAPP Ad examples covering a variety of actions including CALL NOW, DOWNLOAD APP, WATCH VIDEO, and PLAY NEXT. The variety of XAPP Ad actions is growing daily and we will continue to refresh the demo app with new concepts for you to experience and consider.

What about Android? While XAPP Ads for audio publishers can be served on both iOS and Android today, our first demo app is iOS-only. We expect to bring an Android compatible demo app to Google Play in the future.

Beyond Demos

The XAPP Ads app also goes beyond demos as a complementary tool for advertisers and publishers working with XAPP Ads. Partners use the XAPP Ads app while building ads to experience them on the native platform before release for production.

Tell Us What You Think

We look forward to your feedback on XAPP Ads and hope you enjoy gaining further insight into the first interactive audio user experience designed explicitly for mobile consumers. Keep in mind that this is a demonstration app. The ads seem real, but the offers are fictional representations or actual ads that are no longer active. With that said, they all allow you to talk back to XAPP Ads and experience the power of a Voice Click first hand. Let us know what you think.

Also, if you are an agency or advertiser and would like us to create a sample ad for your brand, please enter your request into the form below so we can follow-up with you. Enjoy!

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