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Download Now: Amazon Alexa Radio Report

Radio once occupied a central space in American homes and created a shared listening experience. Mobile devices and the rise of personalized listening changed that dynamic. But now with the rising popularity of smart speakers and voice assistants like that of Amazon Echo and Alexa, radio broadcasters have a new opportunity to bring radio back into the home.

The report includes 23 charts and 16 pages of analysis based on 10 different studies related to smart speakers.

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Alexa by the Numbers

To help the broadcasters understand the impact of smart speakers will have on the radio industry, we compiled data from several recent studies related to voice assistants and smart speakers in a new paper, the Amazon Alexa Radio Report. The goal is to break through the hype we see in news headlines each day and take a data-driven look at the trends and how they will impact radio.

And the numbers are significant. Gartner predicts that in just five years after the introduction of the Amazon Echo, 75% of US households will own a smart speaker by 2020. For perspective, it took eight years for smartphones to reach that level of adoption. This adoption of smart speakers will have a profound impact on the radio industry over the next two decades. It may be the most important technology shift for radio since the industry’s early days.

More Than a Trend

The data also shows that smart speakers are not a passing trend. They are here to stay. For instance, one study from Radiocentre shows that consumers have integrated Alexa into their daily lives. Two-thirds of Amazon Echo owners use Alexa on a daily basis, with 17% claiming they use their Amazon Echo “constantly.”

The Future of Radio is Here

We at XAPP believe that radio has a bright future on voice platforms like Alexa. Our new Amazon Alexa Radio Report supports this conviction. In the report, you will learn:

  1. Why Consumers Are Buying Smart Speakers
  2. How People Use Their Smart Speakers
  3. The listening habits of smart speaker owners
  4. How Radio Broadcasters are taking advantage of the new trend
  5. And more…

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