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Download Internet Radio Ad Load Report Q4 2015: Advertisers Grow 5x in 2015, Ad Load Up 5.7%

XAPPmedia today published the Internet Radio Ad Load Report Q4 2015. Total advertisers identified through 2015 rose to 406, a 5.4x increase over 2014. Average ad load across the five tracked audio publishers rose 5.7% to 2 minutes 29 seconds (2:29). While ad load seems to oscillate around the 2.5-minute mark each quarter, the total advertiser count continually rises.

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XAPPmedia Q4 2015 Internet Radio Ad Load Report - Ad Load by Publisher by Month

The Ad Load Schism Continues? Sort of.

Q4 also saw a continuation of divergent ad load strategies among the five audio app publishers tracked. Three publishers averaged nearly three minutes per hour of ad time while two others averaged under two minutes. You can see the latter finding expressed in the data above under Publishers C and E although you can also tell that even one of those publishes once again drew near to the 2.5-minute norm in December. So we are moving again toward a single outlier.

Other topics covered in the report include:

  • Ad load by quarter, month and high and low groupings
  • Number of ads served per hour
  • Percent of ads at 30 seconds and other durations
  • Time to First Ad across the industry and for individual publishers
  • Distinct advertisers by publisher by quarter and for 2015
  • Advertiser concentration by publisher in Q4
  • Spot load market share by advertiser
  • And more…

What’s New in the Q4 Report

The Q4 2015 report goes into more depth around advertisers than previous reports. For example, the top advertisers for the year in terms of spot load and the spot load leaders for each quarter are detailed. There is also data that show the spot load share represented by the top 10 advertisers in each quarter. To learn more, download the report by clicking the button below.

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