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Custom Voice Apps

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Voice apps are the primary method to reach consumers through the emerging voice channels which today are most notably represented by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The trends show us that voice apps will soon be as essential as webpages and likely more critical than mobile apps for brands and media companies. 

Gartner predicts that 30% of what we think of today as web browsing will be done by voice in just a couple of years. But, few companies have voice apps or know how to integrate conversational interactions into their marketing strategies. XAPP has launched and manages over 1,000 voice apps and can help you engage with consumers by voice for the first time. And, we don’t stop with the launch. XAPP also provides a managed service which monitors, maintains, measures and enhances your voice app over time. 


A Proven Approach, a Scalable Platform and Services You Need

DESIGN /  XAPP can design your voice app or work with your agency. And, we can help you understand the options, opportunities, constraints and common pitfalls to avoid. 

BUILD /  XAPP has unmatched experience in building voice apps and tools such as One Voice AI that streamline the process and ensure your voice app is scalable and consistent across voice assistants. 

MANAGE /  Once you launch, your voice app needs to be maintained in production. XAPP takes care of this for you. 

MEASURE /  We also provide advanced measurement tools so you can track progress and continually enhance the user experience. 


More Experience, Better Performance, Hassle Free

1/ 1,000 Voice Apps

No one has launched more voice apps for brands and media companies than XAPPmedia. We know what works, what pitfalls to avoid and how to get the most out of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

2/ One Voice AI

XAPP also has a secret weapon to help you take on the new voice assistant channel. Our One Voice AI voice app management platform enables you to published to multiple voice assistants from a single app. 

3/ We take care of it

Launching your voice app is really the beginning of the process. You need to monitor the app, provide support and measure performance to assure a positive user experience. XAPP takes care of this for you with our voice app managed service. 


XAPPmedia helps brands and media companies reach consumers through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.