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Custom Actions for Mobile Audio Ad Conversion

"Play Next" Custom Action

Watch the “Play Next” Custom Action

Recently, we announced custom phrases as a new XAPP Ads feature. This week we are announcing a new and even more powerful feature: custom actions. Whereas custom phrases allow you to designate the phrase uttered by consumers, custom actions allow you to invent new consumer engagement techniques for conversion. Our current customers have already come up with some new ideas and I am confident advertisers will dream up many more that we cannot anticipate.

What are Actions for Audio Ads?

Since you are reading this blog I am going to assume you know what a XAPP Ad is. If not, read this first. There are several elements of XAPP Ads, but they can be generalized into:

  • Audio content that makes up the ad
  • Phrases that consumers speak to respond to offers
  • Actions that make something happen when consumers respond
  • Target engagements that advertisers set as the consumer destination

We have a library of phrases that advertisers can choose from and now you can also create new phrases. Similarly, we have six standard actions and the custom actions feature allows advertisers to create novel consumer engagement experiences.

Our standard actions are CALL NOW, DOWNLOAD APP, SEND EMAIL, SEND COUPON, GO TO and BUY IT. Each XAPP Ad action executes a process when requested. Typically, the actions are obvious based on the action phrases. They dial the phone automatically to the designated number, start the app download process, send an email and so on. Each represents a unique opportunity for consumers to spontaneously engage with brand offers or content. With custom actions, advertisers using XAPP Ads have already taken this even further to support unique marketing campaign requirements.

XAPP Ad Custom Action Examples

Recently, a movie studio used the new custom actions feature to create a WATCH VIDEO action. When the consumer said, “WATCH VIDEO,” a video player opened on the smartphone and the movie trailer began automatically. The consumer didn’t need to touch the screen. It just happened when they spoke.

Another concept we support is facilitating branded content to Twitter. When the consumer says “SHARE ON TWITTER,” the Twitter post format can automatically be brought up through voice. You can see how this type of action fulfills a marketing objective while simultaneously creating convenience for consumers.

In the video above, there is an example of how NPR uses a custom action to enhance the user experience with a content flow modification query. Listeners are asked if they want to hear the latest hourly news and if they respond with “PLAY NEXT” the app automatically injects the latest news next into their current content flow. These types of custom actions are great for getting listeners accustomed to responding with voice and can later be used to redirect them to sponsored content.

How Does XAPP Enable Custom Actions?

The XAPP Ads service is built on a flexible cloud platform. We treat novel action requests as services that can be orchestrated from the cloud server and most do not need to be embedded within the app itself. We did this, in part, because we knew that marketers would routinely come up with new, creative ways to engage consumers. By maintaining custom action logic in the cloud, consumers can receive the new ad formats without having to wait for an app release cycle. Even though the standard actions will likely serve over 90% of all advertiser needs, we developed custom actions to support novel engagement ideas as they arise.

Meeting the Conversion Objective

We think day and night about connecting consumers with brands and what methods will make the conversion simple, spontaneous and convenient. XAPP Ads are great because they meet that objective by harnessing the one engagement mode that aligns well with consumer behaviors when listening to Internet radio: voice interaction. Advertisers are excited about custom actions because it offers them just a little more creative freedom to motivate consumer interaction and deliver new types of offers. We share their enthusiasm. Let us know what actions you’d like to facilitate for your next campaign.

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