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Join Us at Advertising Week – If Internet Radio is Bigger than Facebook, How Can Advertisers Make the Most of It?

XAPPmedia Advertising Week PanelXAPPmedia is once again hosting the premier Advertising Week session on Internet Radio. This year’s session will feature iHeartmedia, Slacker, Triton Digital and XAPPmedia. These insiders will tell you what’s working, what’s not, how the medium is changing and the lessons for advertisers looking to access this large and dynamic consumer audience.

Panelists include:

  • Carter Brokaw, President Digital Revenue Strategy at iHeartMedia
  • Duncan Orrell-Jones, CEO at Slacker
  • John Rosso, President Market Development at Triton Digital
  • Pat Higbie, CEO and Co-founder at XAPPmedia

Topics Addressed: Ad Effectiveness, Apple Music, Innovation and More

What are advertisers looking for and what are they achieving?
How has Apple Music changed the industry landscape, if at all?
What advertising innovations are emerging?
What are publishers doing to enhance the user experience?
How will CRB and label negotiations impact the industry in 2015?

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