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9 Alexa Skill Best Practices for Brands – Report

Smart speaker adoption and Amazon Echo sales in particular are growing rapidly. Edison Research estimates that 7% of US households own a smart speaker today with three quarters choosing the Echo. Morning Consult suggests the numbers may be even higher. Gartner forecasts that 75% of households will have a device in just three years. Consumers are moving quickly to smart speakers and integrating them into their daily lives.


Brands Need a Presence on Alexa

All of this change presents an opportunity, but also a risk for brands. The opportunity is to reach consumers through a new channel and leverage unique options for voice interactive engagement. The risk is absence. If a consumer asks the Alexa voice assistant on Amazon Echo about your product, will there be a response that drives engagement and an on-brand experience? Or, will there be no response at all? Voice assistants are at the same stage as the Web in 1997. Every brand needs a presence. If you want a presence on Amazon Echo, you need to build an Alexa skill. Think of it as a voice app.

How to Build for Alexa

However, building a voice app is different from the Web or mobile which rely on visual content. The combination of voice and audio require different design techniques and different technology to enable a great experience on a single or multiple platforms.

XAPP has built Alexa skills for several global brands and dozens of media companies. Today, we published a report that outlines 9 Alexa Skill Best Practices that we believe every brand should consider when planning their next voice app. Some of these include:

  1. Claim your brand name, before someone else does
  2. Give you brand a distinct sound with a voice persona
  3. Deliver a great user experience by accommodating new and repeat users
  4. Think beyond Alexa
  5. And more….


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We hope you find the 10-page report valuable. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime through the button below.


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