XAPP Expands Voice-Activated User Engagement Features

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Tiesto Create Station

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We first introduced XAPPmedia a year ago this month. At the time, we noted that XAPP built an Interactive Audio Services platform and our first product, XAPP Ads, was designed to help Internet radio and audio streaming services increase the value of their advertising inventory.

XAPP Ads made it possible for users to engage with brands by using only their voice, spontaneously and effortlessly, in a way that aligned with the listening experience. But that was just a start. Voice interaction with audio apps has many more applications that can improve the user experience.

Over the past year, we have been busy. We worked with our customers, partners, advertisers and ad agencies.  Many saw the bigger picture behind interactive audio, including opportunities beyond advertising.  As we previously discussed, people don’t watch radio and digital audio apps spend a majority of their time in the background, behind a lock screen or another app. Prompted voice response enables listeners to interact with the app even when it is not visible on the screen. That opens a new set of opportunities for engagement with artists and content.

Connecting Fans with Artists, by Voice

Radio was always a way for artists to reach fans, but it is a one-way communication medium. XAPP enables content promotion to become a two way interaction. The same way consumers can engage with a brand advertiser, they can now engage with musicians. Artists can invite listeners to hear an early release of a single or a commentary from the tour bus.  Measurable engagement  is now as effortless as speaking.

Depending on the features of your app, you can take fandom even further by allowing users to easily create custom stations based on specific artists or express preference for a musician using only their voice [click the video above to see example].  When prompted to say phrases such as “Save for Later” or “Add to Favorites,” songs can be saved or added to a playlist. Voice increases interaction with features that promote app loyalty by facilitating customized experiences.

Connecting Users Through Participation

Sam Smith Poll Audience

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Content also reaches beyond the artists, music and talk.  DJs, personalities or a personalized listening experience from a streaming service can employ voice to quickly conduct fun audience polls and contests.  When prompted, the user simply needs to state their preference, the votes are automatically tallied and the results can be presented in another segment. We have an example here of a poll on Sam Smith and his big night at the Grammy’s. Everybody plays along in their car with the weekend trivia shows, yelling their answer at the radio along with the contestants. Give your users a chance to play along, show off their skill and receive instant feedback.

The Battle for Audience and TSL

There is fierce competition for audience growth and time spent listening (TSL). All of the Internet radio and streaming services have figured out that increasing users and time spent with the app are critical success factors. XAPP now offers tools that create more immersive user experiences and connects them directly with artists and content. Interactive Audio Services provide a user engagement platform perfectly aligned with the mobile audio experience. New voice-activated engagement features can help you build audience and keep them around longer. How will you use XAPP to drive more audience and user loyalty?

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